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"Motor City Vintage is the best of the best! We could not of asked for a better experience than we had with them! Every guest at the wedding absolutely loved the added touch of a vintage car and everyone wanted a photo with the car! This was one of our best decisions to book MCVR for our late night transportation!"



"We LOVE Motor City Vintage Rentals! Oh my goodness! They were amazing to work with!! I can’t even begin to describe how using this service this + HUGO enhanced our wedding day and our photos! It truly was the best and so very memorable. We got married just ten days ago and Motor City Vintage Rentals was kind enough to bring out HUGO in November for our special day. Thankfully there wasn’t any snow so we were lucky to have the car drive us around the great city of Detroit. It was amazing! We received great service, hospitality, and warmth from both Kymberly and the driver John. It was wonderful!! I would absolutely refer any bride to Motor City Vintage Rentals! Drive in style and leave the look of the "limo" behind and rent HUGO. I promise it won't disappoint!"



"As I reflect back on my wedding day, I am SO incredibly glad Motor City Vintage Rentals was part of mine! Their cars bring timeless beauty, class and elegance to any wedding day. Their 1940 packard “Beau” is an absolute treasure, it truly looked magnificent in the photography captured. Aside from their beautiful rentals that they have to offer, I especially LOVED the people that stand behind this business!! Kymberly was so great to work with! She not only coordinated my “first-look” to make sure it was absolutely the perfect timing, but she also was working alongside the photography team the entire time - outside on a hot summer day to make sure my dress stayed clean and off the floor in the park. She also took so many pictures and shared them right away -instant photos you can share with family and friends until the professional photographers get back to you. They provide snacks and make sure you are well hydrated the entire time. John and Kymberly were the sweetest and truly went the extra mile to make sure they did everything within their reach. Thank you Motor City Vinyage Rentals, you guys were a pleasure to work with!"



Classic, romantic, timeless. That’s exactly how I felt the day of my wedding while climbing into this gorgeous vintage car! One of my favorite moments of the day was cruising in Beau through Detroit while John honked the horn and everyone on the city streets and sidewalks waved to us cheered for us! MCVR made my fiancé and I feel like royalty on our wedding day! Not only that, but Kymberly was so extremely thoughtful and helpful throughout the entire process - from the first time we booked MCVR to the day after the wedding when she posted sneak peaks! She is a true professional Maid of Honor, or at least that’s what she felt like as she was grabbing me water and making sure my dress was fluffed! I cannot express enough how grateful I am that we had them there on the most special day of our lives. They made it even more special!!! Please do yourself a favor and see how incredible MCVR are!!!



"What a wonderful experience we had!! Beau was a beautiful Packard!! From start to finish Kymberly was so helpful, efficient and professional. Our ride with John was so much fun and the car was so comfortable and the car looked beautiful!! We also received some great pics. Thank you again for all of your help!!"



"Kymberly, John, and "Beau" were amazing the day of our wedding! Out of all of the craziness a wedding day has.. they were a breath of fresh air that made our day easier! After the ceremony (when "Beau" arrived) I realized I had not eaten in over 8 hours! They provided me with snacks and water to get me through to the reception! They think of everything, work very well with whomever your photographer is, and are just extremely nice and kind people! We would recommend them to anyone looking to rent a vintage car for their special day!"



"Magical, classy-everything we wanted for my daughter's ride to the church on her wedding day. Each and every contact I had with Kymberly was pleasant and helpful. Watch out...her excitement is contagious!! "Hugo" and his driver, John (also a classy guy) took Caitlin and Jake for a short drive immediately following the ceremony, allowing for a few, private moments together as a married couple. Just perfect."



"I am so happy we hired John and Kimberly for our big day!!! Such a caring and attentive team! And Hugo was a joy to ride in! We even had some of our guests get picture by the car before and after the ceremony. John made sure to have protein bars and water on hand, helped me in and out of the car with my dress and veil, and Kimberly helped with coordinating arrival at the chapel and departure! Both stood with me and my father outside the chapel doors to make sure I had the perfect entrance. Kimberly opening the doors when the music queued, and John helping me with my dress and veil. Such sweet and helpful people!"



"My experience with Motor City Vintage Rentals was outstanding!  You guys are so professional and friendly.  Getting to ride in the Packard was definitely one of my favorite parts of my wedding day.  And some of my favorite pictures were in and outside the Hugo Packard.  It added such a classy and elegant touch to my wedding that I will never forget.  Thank you so much for being so patient with our photographers and please thank John as well.  He was so welcoming and treated us like royalty!  Thank you so much for your amazing services!"



“Contracting MCVR for our wedding day was one of the best decisions we could have made. That's how I'm going to start this review. In my country, we have a tradition where the Bride arrives to the church in a classic car with her father/parents, and then leaves with her new husband to the reception. At the beginning I thought I wouldn't be able to do this at all. Then I found MCVR, met Kym over the phone, and said "yes" a day later. Kym was (and is) amazing from the very start. She was prompt to answer all of my questions, super fast using social media apps (IG) to show me "Hugo" in different sceneries and weddings. We were very excited for our wedding day!

When our day finally came, I met Kym, Mr. John, and of course, "Hugo". What a stunning vehicle. It's truly a piece of art. Kym is the nicest and sweetest. She was there not only taking pics and videos for sneak peaks, but she also helped me during my entrance to the church. Mr. John was amazing as well. He entertained me and my parents on our way to the church, narrating all the history behind "Hugo". He vas very courteous and helpful; making sure we were comfortable and that we all looked great in every moment. He made us feel like royalty. He was in charge of everything. While we were waiting outside the church (and after), all the guests complimented how beautiful Hugo was. After the ceremony, me and my husband were able to enjoy our first ride as a married couple. Those minutes that we got to enjoy only the two of us, were absolutely perfect and necessary. We felt in heaven. It was our "us" time before all the celebration. Mr. John was also giving us some life advice and that added a special touch as well.

It was a marvelous experience overall! Me and my husband really enjoyed the ride and we were so happy to incorporate my culture in a way and also the beauty and history of Hugo in our Detroit wedding. Thanks MCVR for giving that special touch and for being one of the greatest details of elegance in our wedding. It was an honor including you in the best day of our lives. We hope we can celebrate with you again. Cheers to you!!!”



“Our experience with Motor City Vintage Rentals was incredible. We rented Hugo, and the car was absolutely stunning. It truly became a centerpiece for our wedding. In addition, besides the beautiful car, the service was amazing. They were waiting for us as we got out of our ceremony, even though we were early, and they stayed with us until the very end of our time. Both the driver and Kymberly never seemed hurried or ready to leave. They helped my photographer set up shots, held my train, and overall were a great help! I would absolutely recommend their services!”



“Booking MCVR was the best decision for our wedding. I booked it as a surprise for my dad to take us from the hotel to the church. The whole process was entirely seamless. The ride to the church was so special and something I will never forget. What made it even better was Kymberly and John. Both ensured that my dad and I were extremely taken care of and comfortable. As a bride, you have so many choices to "upgrade" an experience and you can feel overwhelmed. My advice to all brides is to chose experiences that shape the day- booking MCVR certainly did that and provided my dad and I with moments we will forever cherish!”



“Renting Hugo for our wedding day was a last minute, impulse thing... and it was, by far, the best decision we made about the wedding. The car is great, it's everything you would expect it to be. What stood out and made it so much more than just a great car were Kymberly and John. It was a surreal experience, as if I was a queen with my very own personal servants. John followed me around the entire day, holding my dress train, bringing me water, adjusting my dress for pictures, holding a fan so I wouldn't be too warm. In addition, John is just the nicest, friendliest kind of guy to spend the day with, truly someone that everyone just loves.

Then there's Kymberly. Kymberly was perhaps born to be a wedding planner, or at least that's what I wished she would have been after having worked with her. From the very first conversation with Kymberly, to days after the wedding, my experience with Kymberly has been unforgettable. I have never met someone else with more professionalism, empathy, organization, know-how, experience, or desire to simply provide the best possible customer experience. I wish Kymberly was also in charge of my hall, the food, the photographer, the DJ, and every other single detail about the wedding. Not that anything else went terribly wrong, but I just know that if Kymberly had overseen my entire wedding day, every single detail would have been beyond perfect because that's how my experience was with Hugo.

A huge thank you to you both. Family and friends are still talking about Hugo, and we're talking about renting him again for our first anniversary.”



“My husband and I were extremely happy with our experience with Motor City Vintage Rentals. From start to finish, Kymberly was extremely professional and helpful. She worked hard to ensure our wedding day and our time with the 1949 Packard "Hugo" was enjoyable and all transitions were seamless. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with and interacting with our chauffeur, John. He was extremely friendly, informative, and was a true gentlemen! He was well prepared when it began raining, providing me with a large umbrella! Both John and Kymberly escorted me to the entrance of the venue, making sure I stayed dry from head to toe. Nick and I could not be more grateful. Our pictures with the "Hugo" came out wonderful, adding a special and unique touch to our wedding. We would absolutely recommend using Motor City Vintage Rentals!”



"Can't thank Motor City Vintage Rentals enough for playing such a big part in our wedding day! Hugo is absolutely perfect & we were so happy to have Hugo with us for the best day of our lives!  Having Hugo really did add something special to our wedding day. It was perfect for the classic, romantic vibe we were going for.  We were so excited about Hugo leading up to the wedding but it added so much more to the day than we even expected. The whole experience was way more personal and intimate than a limousine ever could have been.  Now we have gorgeous photos and even more beautiful memories to look back on. We're serious when we say that we really can't thank you enough!”


sue wiegand, mother-of-the-bride

"You and your driver did an amazing job and we are so grateful.  It is by far the greatest gift we have ever given.  Lindsey and Rob said it made the wedding and added so much.  All our guests loved Hugo too!!  I don't think we will ever forget this experience!!!   

Thank you for the beautiful pictures too; I will treasure them!"



“Motor City Vintage Rentals was absolutely fantastic, and by far one of the most memorable aspects of our wedding. We rented “Hugo,” the 1949 Packard, for family and bridal party photos as well as a short drive prior to the ceremony. There were off-and-on rain showers the day of our wedding, but the Hugo crew tirelessly cleaned the car between photos and moved the vehicle several times to accommodate requested photo angles.

The car itself is beautiful, and Kymberly and John were so kind and thoughtful throughout the day (offering cold water bottles to us during the photo shoots, covering us with umbrellas during rain showers, and in general being wonderful to work with). 

Our photos featuring Hugo are gorgeous, and we highly recommend Motor City Vintage Rentals.”



“Kymberly and her “Hugo” were true difference makers for my grandparents 60th anniversary party.  My family and I were looking for something different and we found it with a 1949 Packard!  The entire experience was professional and easy.  Everything from planning to execution and pictures was handled by Kymberly and her team so party-goers got to experience a hassle-free, beautiful older car.  It brought back fond memories from the good old days.  This was truly a great experience.  Thank you for everything!”


dianne herring, mother-of-the bride

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to send the photos to us from the wedding!!!   They are awesome!!!  We were Sooo pleased to have "Hugo" be part of Sara and Andrew's wedding.  It was the "icing on the cake" and provided sophistication for their special ride to their reception.  They were very surprised and loved it!!!  

Thank you for everything, your great communication, special friendliness, and the surprise photos!  We hope to have "Hugo" again sometime in the future."


rachel defever, bride

"Andrew and I can't thank you enough!  Our wedding day was perfect, and a big part of that was due to you, John, and Hugo.  As I wrote below, when I think back to our wedding, I can't imagine our day WITHOUT Hugo in it.  Hopefully one day we will find an excuse to work with you again! :)

Decided to rent "Hugo" for our wedding day, and working with Motor City Vintage Rentals, was a decision we made only a few months before our wedding.  We hadn't though much about transportation since our ceremony and reception were in the same location, and we didn't have a large wedding party.  Our entire wedding had a vintage theme to it, so when I discovered MCVR I knew I had to inquire!  From the very first email inquiry until the day of the wedding, Kymberly was amazing.  She was so easy to work with, very organized, and always put me at ease that no question was too silly or small to ask.  It's very uplifting to work with someone who loves what they do - and that's definitely Kymberly.

Since we didn't travel between the ceremony and reception, we rented Hugo for a few hours before our ceremony while we were driving around Detroit taking photos.  When I walked out and saw the car for the first time, I knew it was worth every penny!  My husband and I both agree it was one of the best parts of our wedding day.  John, our driver, was so professional, charming, and made us feel like royalty!  Especially for the brides, he pays attention to every detail.   He will hold your bouquet, make sure your dress is not getting damaged while getting in and out of the car, and even adjusts the windows so that your hair will not get messed up!

Driving around in Hugo was an experience we'll never forget.  I can't believe I decided to rent Hugo only a few months before the wedding, because I honestly can't picture what our day would have been like without it!  Plus it's the gift that keeps on giving.  After the wedding you get to see all of your amazing photos with Hugo in them.  Thank you so much Kymberly and John!"


patti fitzgerald shelton, bride

"As a 'mature' woman getting married for the first time, I really wanted a wedding day that was elegant, memorable, and FUN!  Motor City Vintage Rentals helped to make that a reality for us. :)  Kymberly was a joy to work with.  She has an obvious delight in offering this service to help make your special day unique!  John the chauffeur was simply perfect.  He was solicitous, knowledgeable, charming, and made us feel like royalty!

"Hugo" the car is gorgeous!  He made a huge splash - with us, our guests, and the many people offering us congratulations as we drove down the road.

This experience was a really fun part of our special day.  It added that special "oomph," a bit of history and some serious class (not to mention the fantastic photos!)  I cannot recommend it highly enough!!"



“Thanks again to you and John (Hugo, too!) for being such a special part of our daughter's big day!  Just saw some great photos on your Facebook page that you have from my daughter Lindsay's wedding, these are wonderful!!!  Love the one of John helping her with her dress that will make the cut in our wedding album!   Her wedding is going to be featured in a local publication; Hugo was definitely featured in some great shots by John Martin.

Both my husband and Lindsay really enjoyed having him share this special time with them.  All the best - and thanks again for all the wonderful time and attention on Lindsay's special day - and beyond!” 


scott kruszyna, groom

"We had an absolutely perfect wedding day and we definitely have you to thank for contributing!  You guys were above and beyond accommodating and it was appreciated...we even had to drive around the island once to stall the ceremony, so thanks for being so cool about that!  

Investing in your beautiful Packard was a huge decision for us because our budget was so small and we are so glad we decided to go for it.  Our pictures turned our wonderfully with the classic Packard and Detroit in the background; exactly what we wanted.  Hugo is in great shape and you can tell at first glance how loved he is. :)

John was also a big hit.  He had a great personality while being extremely professional and patient with all the stops we wanted to make in the car.  We would absolutely recommend Hugo and your folks at Motor City Vintage Rentals to anyone looking for a truly classic, unique ride in style!  Thank you again from both myself and Ashley.  We will remember our big day with Hugo in the background forever!!"


sara willoughby, bride

"Our experience with Motor City Vintage Rentals was wonderful!  They were extremely responsive when we reached out regarding using their 1949 Packard Hugo as our wedding getaway car.  The chauffeur, Darin, was kind, professional and arrived on time for our grand exit.  The Packard Hugo is a beautiful and well-maintained vehicle.  We loved every second driving around town!   Thank you for your service!"


patrick keeney, father-of-the-bride

"Where do I begin? "Hugo," your driver ("Call me Jeeves") and finally having a face to put with a name went so far beyond my hopes I can't really express it.  If anything I write can be of any use to you by all means do so.  If you need me to write, talk, call, text, email or even Pony Express something more just let me know"

The whole experience with you leading up to the 19th can be summed up in one word - FANTASTIC!  From the first tentative inquires, right up to the day, I always felt at ease that you would answer any question, ease my fears/nerves and do what you could to help me provide an unforgettable day to my daughter.  You not only met my hopes and expectations - you far exceeded them!

When I saw "Hugo" for the first time on the 19th I knew I had made  the right choice and no price paid was really enough.  And I'm quite sure that we got more than what we paid for.  Your driver was wonderful and he made Kyle and Meghan feel very special.  I ever over heard him defend our time with Hugo when he could have easily slipped a few bucks in his pocket.  I heard it and it impressed me greatly.  The talk after the wedding, especially if pictures mean anything was about the cool car!  My son even overheard Mitch Albom (a guest at another Colony Club reception) remark about Hugo!

If I had to do something like this again my first call would be to you.  Your company was first class in every way!  I would recommend you to anyone - they would not go wrong and would not do better!  You, your company, and "Hugo" will not be forgotten.  Thank you, thank you for your part in my daughter's special day." 


Amanda allmacher, bride

"Thank you so much for the part you played in making our wedding day so memorable.  It meant the world to my dad to be able to spend that time with me as we were driven to the ceremony together.  It was immediately clear that our chauffeur John really loves what he does and cares not only for the vehicle, but for his passengers and the role he plays in their important day.  Thank you for sharing your passion, your wisdom (of cars and life) and for your part in our perfect, rainy, wedding day!"


laura dreer, ph.d., daughter

"You all did an amazing job on making my parent's 50th wedding afternoon such a fun and special day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!  They had a blast strolling down memory lane in Hugo.  I would highly recommend this to others considering a classy ride with excellent service for any special event.  My brother and I had a great time too following along the route of Woodward, Hunter House, Dugan's, and of course cider and donuts at The  Franklin Cider Mill on a pretty fall afternoon!  It was really fun to watch their reactions.  Thank you so much.  We have special pictures now too to remember this occasion."


josh & gaby cruz, newlyweds

"I can honestly say that we had an awesome experience with Motor City Vintage Rentals.  Their service was way above and beyond.  Kymberly was in frequent contact with us and making sure things were in order.  The car "Hugo" was the main attraction.  We are still hearing about how beautiful the car looked.  Our driver John was one of a kind.  He brought snacks and water for our ride and he assisted us with everything, he even gave us great marriage advice which we have been using to this day.  I would highly recommend anyone to MCVR, and I would use them again for any event.  Thank you to Kymberly and the staff at MCVR."



"Hugo was a fabulous part of our day and my husband and I loved every second.  The service was outstanding, Hugo was a comfortable ride, and our chauffeur was an absolute delight.  I felt like a total princess from beginning to end, and Hugo was a huge part of that.  I would recommend him to anyone that wants a special classic touch to their beautiful day!  Thanks again for everything!  It was so very special!"


kelly & john yorke, newlyweds

"From the moment we got engaged (or even earlier), I knew I wanted a vintage car for our wedding instead of the traditional limo.  I was so excited when I found Motor City Vintage Rentals and even more excited when my fiance agreed to the rental!

Everything about our experience with MCVR was fantastic.  As soon as I put in an information request, I received a response within 48 hours.  The booking process was easy and Kymberly answered all of my questions thoroughly and happily.  One week before our wedding, she called to confirm all our event details and was good natured about the changes we spontaneously made the day of our wedding.

Our driver, John, filled us in on Hugo's history and was patient during all the photos we took with the car.  We loved the special touch of the "Just Married" sign!

I could say so many more positive things about our experience but the best recommendation I can give is to rent Hugo and see for yourself how great MCVR is."


sara gobble, daughter

"Many thanks for Motor City Vintage Rentals...Awesome people with a beautiful classic car...such great, personal service, just the best!  Kymberly, thanks for all your kindness and help and making the day so memorable!  John, your sweet and professional handling of these two "newlyweds" went above and beyond the call!  

It has been such a pleasure dealing with you, as well as John, so caring and professional!  You just made the whole experience so wonderful.  My parents were really knocked out by the whole day...even my mom, who doesn't like surprises. :)  

Thanks again, I will pass your name and car around every chance I get!  

PS: John is outstanding!  He's such an asset to your business, his tender care of my parents and gentle understanding for the fact that they are 87 was just awesome.  My dad couldn't thank us enough and mentioned John 3 or 4 times throughout the event!  Thanks again!"


mobi bazzi, groom

"My wife and I had a great time with Hugo and John.  Everything from the service to the Packard itself was immaculate.  Hugo was extremely clean in and out.  John is the perfect chauffeur.  He was courteous, respectful, and considerate.  He was fun to be around and we had an enjoyable time between our destinations.  Kymberly was prompt with her emails and made the entire experience effortless.  On behalf of my wife and I, we are extremely thankful to have been serviced by your fine company.  Thank you again Motor City Vintage Rentals!"


Beth person labelle, bride

"We had a wonderful wedding and it was so special to have Hugo as our transportation!  It was so much fun riding through Birmingham in a classic Packard car, honking the horn and celebrating the moment of just being married!  John was extremely helpful, friendly, and a gentlemanly chauffeur.  Hugo is in excellent condition...we couldn't have been happier with our experience!!  Thanks so much!!


kirsten olson, bride

"We've decided to pull out all the stops and go for this car!  John was such a gentleman and a sweetheart.  He really helped make the experience special."


andrew sloboda, groom

"Motor City Vintage Rentals provided excellent service for our wedding!  Our car Hugo was an elegant machine that made you feel like you were stepping into a gilded age from the past.  All of our guests were captivated by it as we waited for us at the church.  There were plenty of admiring drivers once we were out on the highway too.  Our chauffeur John was extremely professional, but also engaging and funny.  He helped us enjoy a truly memorable drive out to our reception site."


david mitchell, groom

"We have been looking for the perfect car for months now.  I happen to come across your site this morning and I knew this was the vehicle for us.

I wanted to thank you again for everything on Sunday.  The service you provided was fantastic.  We think the car pulling up was one of the best moments of the day.  Everyone just loved it!  The car did exactly what we needed it to do for us. We appreciate the experience of riding around Detroit.  Kendra really enjoy herself!  I look forward to being in the car again sometime in the future.  Thank you again!"


jillian kronner andrews, bride

"Everything was fantastic!  John was very helpful and great to have chauffeur us around town.  I will recommend you to anyone that I know that is looking for a vintage car."



melanie reyes, photographer

"I met this vendor last May when I shot a wedding in Birmingham, Michigan and was told that "Hugo" was coming along for the wedding!  "Hugo" is the name of the most gorgeous vintage car you've ever seen - a 1949 Packard.  Hugo has his original engine and is soooo handsome.  He really does know how to show up at a wedding and compete for the spotlight!"